Static pages

As in “Planning the application” Section, before getting started we need to create a new project, this time called sample_app

~ $ trainjs new sample_app
~ $ cd sample_app

With all the preparation from “Static pages” Section finished, we’re ready to get started developing the sample application. In this section, we’ll take a first step toward making dynamic pages by creating a set of actions and views containing only static HTML. We’ll be working mainly in the public/controllers and public/partials directories.

Generated static pages

To get started with static pages, we’ll first generate a controller using the same trainjs generate script we used in “The Users resource” Section to generate scaffolding.

~/sample_app $ trainjs generate controller StaticPages home help
	  create  protractor.conf.js
	  create  public/controllers
	  create  public/controllers/static_pages_controller.js
	  create  public/partials/controller_name
	  create  public/partials/static_pages/home.html
	  create  public/partials/static_pages/help.html
	  create  public/test
	  create  public/test/e2e_test
	  create  public/test/e2e_test/controllers/static_pages_controller_test.js

Since we included the home and help actions, the public/app.js file already has a rule for each one.

.state('static_pages_help', {
	url: '/static_pages/help',
	templateUrl: 'partials/static_pages/help.html',
	controller: 'StaticPagesHelpCtrl'
.state('static_pages_home', {
	url: '/static_pages/home',
	templateUrl: 'partials/static_pages/home.html',
	controller: 'StaticPagesHomeCtrl'

In our case, this means that when we generate a home action inside the Static Pages controller we automatically get a page at the address /static_pages/home.

'use strict';

var staticPagesController = angular.module('staticPagesController', []);

	['$scope', function ($scope) {
	['$scope', function ($scope) {

The generated view for the Home page.

<p>Find me in public/partials/static_pages/home.html</p>

The generated view for the Help page.

<p>Find me in public/partials/static_pages/help.html</p>

Custom static pages

Custom HTML for the Home page.


<h1>Sample App</h1>
  This is the home page for the
  <a href="">Node On Train Tutorial</a>
  sample application.

Custom HTML for the Help page.


  Get help on the Node On Train Tutorial at the
  <a href="">Node On Train Tutorial help section</a>.
  To get help on this sample app, see the
  <a href=""><em>Node On Train Tutorial</em>