Basic Usage

To get started, make a directory for your trainjs projects and then run the following command to make the first application:

~ $ trainjs new hello_app
	  create  .npmignore
	  create  app
	  create  app/controllers
	  create  app/controllers/application_controller.js
	  create  app.js
	  create  config
	  create  config/application.js
	  create  config/routes.js
	  create  package.json
	  create  public
	  create  public/app.js
	  create  public/assets
	  create  public/assets/images
	  create  public/assets/images/favicon.ico
	  create  public/assets/images/trainjs.png
	  create  public/assets/stylesheets
	  create  public/assets/stylesheets/application.css
	  create  public/directives
	  create  public/directives/body.js
	  create  public/directives/head.js
	  create  public/index.html
	  create  public/partials
	  create  public/partials/index.html
		 run  npm install

trainjs also comes with a built-in development server that will allow you to preview what the generated site will look like in your browser locally.

~ $ cd hello_app
~/hello_app $ trainjs server
# => Server running at
# => Ctrl-C to shutdown server